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Wife Tries Something New Ch. 04

by slowdeep ©

The next three weeks were spent with Paula lovingly teasing my cock. Her finger never penetrated my ass during this time. Neither did her cock shaped vibrator. When she first started fucking my ass and making me suck my cum off the vibrator I hated it. I felt so humiliated. Then the power and control she had over me was overwhelming, intoxicating.

She had taken me to the point where I wanted to have my ass fucked; where I wanted to not only suck my cum off her vibrator but a real dick, too.

All she did now was slowly and gently stroke the head of my dick until I was out of my mind. While she stroked my cock she would whisper in my ear about having my ass fucked; filling it with big hot cock. She would tell me in vivid detail how she wanted me to suck dick. In no time I would be fucking into her hand; trying to get release from her torturous cock teasing.

As I started fucking her hand she would moan and say "Oh you must love the idea of sucking cock. You fuck my hand harder and faster when I talk about it." She would barely touch the head of my dick and slowly stroke up and down. Cum was starting to leak out of my dick. "Is that what you want to do for me? Suck a big thick dick?"

I didn't answer. I could only moan into my pillow. She gently giggled and said "I love when I make you feel so good that you moan like that. And to think it's all because I have you begging to suck a juicy dick for me. It makes me so wet to know I make you want to suck cock this badly. Poor little thing. I'm just going to have to get you a real dick to fulfill your lurid desires. I think you would you rather suck cock than fuck a pussy. And I'm going to get you so horny you will love every second or should I say every drop of it."

She laughed so sweetly, "you're going to be such a cock sucking slut. I can't wait to see a fat dick stuffed in your mouth." All I could do was whimper and yell in tortured lust. I was trying to deny the fact that I really did want to suck cock but my cries and leaking dick told her what she was saying was exactly right.

My balls tightened, my cocked swelled. I could feel the cum deep inside me begin to be ripped from my dick when Paula stopped. I was in agony. I wanted to cum so badly. I begged her to let me cum but she refused.

"When you admit to me that you really want to suck cock I will let you cum."

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