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Bisexual cuckold

Leah Neal & Blair
MMF, gay, bisexual, oral, cuckold

I love to give my girlfriend Leah rim jobs. I also love to lick my cum off of
her. We often talk about our sex life, and one day she laughingly said that "you
seem to love licking cum off me so much that we should have a threesome so you
can lick someone else's cum up". She started laughing her ass off, but I readily
agreed. She thought I was kidding, but I broke down and confessed to her that
I'm bi-curious, and I have often fantasized about sucking dick. She said that
she had long suspected it—especially since I eat my own cum off of her so often.
But she had no idea how to bring it up. She actually said that the joke about
licking someone else's cum off of her was really the only way she could think of
to bring up the subject.

It turns out that she was just as into the idea as I was. She was really looking
forward to watching me suck dick. I was later to learn that she was actually
into the idea of "forcing me" to suck dick.

After a long conversation about this, she agreed to arrange a threesome with one
of her ex-boyfriends. His name is Blair. She knew that he would be the ideal
candidate for my first dick suck because he has the biggest dick she's ever had.
And I told her that my fantasies involve well hung guys. Blair's dick is just
under nine inches long, and it's a little more than six inches around. Blair is
from Jamaica, so his dick is also uncircumcised; a feature that I also told Leah
that I might like.

Leah had no problem arranging it with Blair. He said he's had threesomes several
times where guys have sucked his dick. He said that usually it's the guy's first
time sucking dick (as it will be for me). He said that once girls tell certain
guys about his dick, they confess that they would like to know what it's like to
suck dick. Blair said that he, himself would never suck a guy's dick. "That's
for faggots" he would say in his Caribbean male chauvinism. "But I don't care
who is sucking my dick as long as they do it well, and they don't give me
nuthin' (meaning disease). Leah assured Blair that I am disease free, and that I
have no expectations that he reciprocate. Blair said that, in a couple of
instances in his threesomes, he actually fucked guys in the ass. I had told Leah
that my fantasies don't center on being fucked in the ass (especially with a big
dick the first time), but that I'm willing to give it a try only if she (or the
guy) is really into it in the heat of the moment.

The night finally came. When Blair came through the door, I knew that I would
not back out. He was handsome, dark skinned with a flawless complexion, and a
muscular build. I couldn't help but think to myself, "Here we are two guys
shaking hands as if we were at some business meeting, when we all know that the
only reason that he is here is to let me suck his dick."

Leah just said, "OK guys, let's do this." We had already left drinks in the
bedroom and had a CD of smooth jazz playing. Leah said, "Undress me guys." We
immediately began taking her clothes off. She reached for our belts and zippers.
By the time she was naked, she got on her knees and gave us a double blow job.
Blair's dick was amazing. I have only seen my own seven inches up close. So, to
see up close something that's nearly two inches longer, and also a little wider
than mine was jaw dropping (and mouth watering). Leah then began trying to take
a lot of Blair's dick down her throat for a while. She then stood up and
immediately French kissed me. She then said, "How'd ya like your first taste of
dick?" We all just laughed. She then completely ignored me and began finishing
undress Blair. She just said to me over her shoulder "Get naked Neal."

Once he was fully undressed, Leah laid Blair on his back and sucked him for
about another minute. I merely watched while stroking my dick. It was SUCH a
turn-on to watch my girlfriend sucking somebody else's dick. I don't think it
was merely that it was somebody else's dick. I think it was the fact that it was
such a big dick on such a well-built, dark skinned, handsome guy (whose dick I
was going to get my turn to suck as well).

Leah mounted Blair taking more than half of his nearly nine inches inside here
with a loud groan. She then put her hands on his shoulders and began moving up
and down slightly. Within about a minute Leah's pussy was repeatedly inhaling
all but an inch of Blair's dick. I assumed that was all that would fit.

While Leah rode Blair's dick, I got behind her and began licking her back and
quickly worked my way down to her ass cheeks. I licked them like large scoops of
ice cream. I slowly worked my tongue to her asshole. I first licked it many
times while making my tongue flat, wide and soft. Leah seemed to love the
sensation along with Blair's big dick thrusting inside of her. I then began
digging my tongue as deep inside her ass as I could. She became completely still
and began moaning loudly when I began this. So Blair began making more of an
effort to "fuck up" into her. I know that Leah loves it when I tongue-fuck her
ass so deeply, so her moaning came as no surprise. I was glad that she stopped
humping while my tongue was in her ass, because I otherwise would not have been
able to move along with her.

Leah then laid down on Blair while he fucked her. At this point I was digging my
tongue deep in her ass, then softening it as I twisted my head pulling it out.
She later told me that this softening and twisting technique gave her a more
intense sensation. At this point I was so into it that I was moaning myself. I
wonder if she felt the vibrations of my moans in her ass. I feel like I lost
track of time and space while I repeatedly dug my tongue deep into Leah. Her
moans and mine seemed to meld into a single voice filling the room.

She was so into it at this point that she began ordering me what to do. She said
things like "Tongue-fuck me!" "Stick it in deeper!" She even got to the point
where she said "Take it out, I don't want to cum yet. Lick Blair's balls. Lick
'em the way I told you. But don't suck his dick yet. I want to be watching you
when you suck your first dick."

I regretted withdrawing my tongue, but I obediently lowered my face to taste a
man's nuts for the first time. Blair's balls were nice and big. I think they
would have looked odd if they were as small as mine considering how big his dick
is. He had shaved his nuts, so they were nice and smooth. They were colder than
I thought they would feel on my tongue. But my licking quickly warmed them up.
As Leah had earlier taught me, I made my tongue wide and soft and licked from
the bottom of his scrotum up to the point below his dick where the scrotum ends.
He moaned from the moment my tongue touched him; so I know I was doing it right.
I was only allowed to do this for a little while before Leah hissed back at me,
"Put your tongue back in my ass, Baby".

I resumed tongue-fucking Leah's ass for quite some time. As much as I love it,
she let me do until my tongue muscles actually began to tire. I guess she could
tell, because at this point she decided to turn around and ride Blair's dick
while facing me. She then ordered me to lick her clit. It's not as if she was
barking instructions at me. It's just that I feel comfortable with the word
"ordered". It just makes me feel more like Leah's slave. And when it comes to
sex, I am completely willing to do whatever she wants, whenever and however she
wants it. Although, even though I fantasize about sucking dick, I don't think I
would ever kiss a guy—even for Leah. And I certainly wouldn't give a guy a rim
job or do any ass-to-mouth action for her even if she took a couple of enemas
before hand like the porn stars do.

They had their legs wide open and I crawled between them. The moment I licked
upwards on Leah's clit, her moaning instantly went to another level. After a few
moments, she started ordering me again. "Lick my lips on the left side. Lick my
lips on the right side. Lick my clit from side to side. Now do it upwards.
Flatten your tongue when you do it." She then was about to cum, and she made
sure that Blair and I knew it. She told Blair to put her on her side and fuck
her hard. She told me to "never stop licking no matter what." Blair and I were
like some carnal tandem tag team working on Leah's pussy from both sides. It
only took a few moments before Leah grabbed a pillow and began screaming into it
at the top of her lungs. Blair and I never missed a beat—his fucking her and my
licking her clit. Eventually she calmed down and eased my head from her clit and
pushed Blair to pull out of her pussy.

Leah had this dreamy-eyed look on her face while she whispered to us that this
was by far the most intense experience of any kind that she had ever had. She
declared that every single person on earth should experience that at least once
in their lives. As she spoke she was guiding Blair into position to suck his
dick. She got him on his back and she was on her knees beginning to suck him.
She told me to "Get under me and lick the juice out of my pussy. Then I want you
to help me suck this big dick". I obeyed. Her pussy was as juicy as I've ever
tasted it. She oozed for a little while. Blair's cum tasted exactly like my own.
By the time I thought I had gotten the last drop, Leah said to me, "Come on up
here Baby so you can suck some dick with me."

I moved to within a foot of Blair's dick intently watching every detail of
Leah's dick-sucking. Leah then peered over at me and put her hand on the back of
my head and guided me closer to his dick. She withdrew it from her mouth, and
said to me, "Are you ready to taste your first dick?" Without waiting for an
answer she just guided my mouth down on it. Actually I tasted it a little
already while I was licking her clit while they were fucking. I greedily and
nervously took in at least four inches of it with a big sigh. It was a sigh of
relief that I finally got my chance to suck dick. This is something I have been
fantasizing about for years, and now it has finally happened. I was delighted. I
started sucking with gusto. I would withdraw to the point where the rim of his
dick head was still behind my teeth; then I would dive down to take at least
four inches of him past my teeth. All the while Leah's hand was behind my head
essentially dictating the speed and depth. This turned me on immensely. I didn't
even realize this until she started pushing me down farther and forcing me to
linger longer and longer with Blair's dick lodged in my throat.

Before too long, Leah found my gag point. We later measured it to be the point
where about five and a half inches of Blair's dick were past my teeth. I could
still almost fit my fist at the base. Leah kept pushing me down to that point. I
couldn't breathe with it down that far. And Leah would make me linger with it
down there for a longer and longer period of time. I was so excited and enjoying
the experience so much that I wanted to pause and tell Leah that I was loving
it. But every time I tried to pull back, she never let me take Blair's dick out
of my mouth to talk. It was as if she was raping my mouth with Blair's dick. I
remember thinking to myself that this moment was so full of irony. Here was a
woman raping a man, but she was using another man's dick to do it. Not only was
I her slave at this point, but Blair had no control over the situation either.
He was a completely passive participant. Leah was loving every aspect of it. She
loved watching a blowjob up close. She loved being in control of the whole
arrangement. She loved having my mouth completely at her mercy. She loved
forcing me to linger with a mouth (and throat) full of dick until she deemed it
acceptable for me to breath again. She loved being in control of the depth and
speed of my dick sucking. She started fingering her clit at this point—even
though she wasn't yet ready for another fuck.

I was moaning my pleasure the whole time. As was Blair. Leah was talking to me
the whole time. She kept saying (sort of singing) things like, "How do you like
your first blowjob, Baby? I know you're just looooving this, right? Lick his
shaft while I hold you down. I bet you can't wait for him to cum, can you? You
wanna taste some cum, huh? You wanna taste some cum, don't ya? You wanna eat
some cum? I'm gonna make sure you don't miss a drop. Anything you miss, you're
gonna have to lick it up. I know you love to lick up cum. How about I let Blair
cum on my ass and let you lick it off? I'm sure that would be your favorite;
that way you could go right into another rim job once all the cum is gone. Or
would you prefer for him to cum deep in your throat? He could also cum into your
open mouth, ya know? Maybe I'll just make you lick the cum off my tits. At this
point Blair said, "Well I think it's a good time for you to make up your mind
Leah, because I'm gonna cum."

She then said, "I think I'll go with a combination of the above." She got on her
hands and knees on the bed and said, "Blair, I want you to come on my ass, but
before Blair's done, Neal, you're gonna deep throat him to suck out the last few
drops. Then you're gonna lick the cum off my ass and give me a rim job. I'm
gonna watch that part in the mirror." She pointed to the mirror over the
dresser. With that Blair stood up beside the bed and aimed his dick right at
Leah's asshole. He sprayed a long stream of cum across her ass checks starting
from her asshole. She then hissed, "Now, Neal, now! Suck his dick! Eat that cum,
Baby!" As I started sucking, Leah said "Swallow! I wanna see you swallow it." I
was greedily sucking and swallowing and peering over to her partly to make sure
I was doing it the way she wanted, and partly to make sure that she hadn't lost
her mind. She seemed almost crazed the way she was talking and looking at us.
When Blair calmed down, she hissed, "Now lick it off of me. Lick that stuff,
Baby. Don't miss a fucking drop. I'm watching you in the mirror. I know you're
lovin' it. I'm lovin' it too, Baby. Lick that cum up. Lick every drop or Blair
and I will spank your ass!" Blair said, "Now wait a minute." Before he could
start another sentence, she shushed him. She resumed, "Lick my ass. Lick that
stuff up!" As soon as she was sure all the cum was gone she hissed, "Now lick my
ass!" Leah bent down to put her upper body on the bed while her ass was high in
the air and resumed, "Stick your tongue deep in me. I want to feel it in my
tonsil, Baby. Stick it in deep. Yes, yes, yesssss! Tongue-fuck my ass. Lick my
ass, Baby. Lick it." Once she was satisfied with my rim job, she sat on my face
and had me bring her to orgasm while she sucked Blair's dick to orgasm. It was
surreal. With both of them cumming at the same time, it was as if Blair was
cumming in her mouth and through her body and down into my mouth. Both their
orgasms were more intense than their first. My own orgasm was soon to come.

Once they rested awhile, Leah decided to suck my dick. She told me to lay on the
sheet that we had put on the floor at the foot of the bed. She got down on her
knees and began licking the underside of my rock hard member from base to tip.
She then started licking my nuts too. Blair was sitting at the foot of the bed
watching us. It apparently turned him on, because he soon started stroking his
dick. Leah noticed this and ordered me to "Lick Blair's dick back to life". The
mere words instantly brought him to a full erection.

Blair got down on his hands and toes hovering over me with his dick an inch from
my mouth. As soon as I opened it, he plunged a good 4 inches into my mouth. He
began fucking my mouth changing the depth and speed of his stokes constantly. At
first he was banging my head on the floor with every down stroke. I quickly
realized this was because I was trying to suck him. Once I simply held my mouth
open for him to fuck down into it, he was no longer lifting my head from the

I lay there on the floor with Blair pistoning his dick in and out of my mouth.
He was genuinely fucking my mouth, as if it were a pussy (or an ass) alternating
between being on his hands and toes to his hands toes and knees. Leah was
meanwhile giving me a terrific blowjob while she watched, and directed the
facefucking in front of her. She then told Blair to slow down. She mounted me
and leaned forward and began licking Blair's nuts as he slowly fucked down into
my mouth. This made me envy Blair. Before long, Leah began tongue-fucking
Blair's ass while he was getting his dick sucked, or should I say, while he was
raping my mouth. This made me envy him even more, because even though I give
Leah rim jobs all the time, she hardly ever returns the favor.

I lay there thinking "This is the epitome of submission". I was getting my mouth
fucked by this beautiful beast while my girlfriend was licking his ass. Blair
is, indeed beautiful. His skin is dark, flawless and completely hairless except
for his arm pits and pubic area. He is muscular with a great ass, chest and
6-pack abs. I especially loved watching those abs flex as he fucked my mouth.
But of course, in the position from which he was face fucking me, everything was

Blair must have really loved our "team effort" on him, because, even though it
had not been that long since the last time he came, he told us he was going to
cum again. He began fucking my mouth faster. It was so fast that Leah was unable
to keep her tongue in his ass, so she resorted to licking his cheeks. Blair
grunted really loudly, and let go several jets of cum in my mouth. Since had had
already cum, his load was not too big, but the jets were intense. It seemed like
he could have hit the ceiling if he were merely masterbating lying on his back.
His orgasm triggered Leah to come at the same time, and she stopped licking
Blair's cheeks and focused on rocking her pussy on me to stimulate her clit
while she fucked me. This feeling, and the jets of cum shooting in my mouth,
made me cum too. We were all groaning, grunting and moaning quite loudly and
were sure passersby outside could hear us. This was the most intense orgasm I
can remember, and I will never forget the day that I sucked my first dick.


Leah, Neal and Blair

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